About Us

Rhinestone Glitzwear is here to help you make a statement!  Several years ago, we started in the basement of our home customizing rhinestone embellished shirts for individuals and groups who wanted to sparkle and shine!  Before you could say "BLING ON!", our shirts became too big for our britches and we had to move to create a larger workshop!  Not to mention, the basement also doubled as the man cave and that wasn't working out too well for the man or the cave!

Our new location allowed for a more intimate setting, a place to gather, create and meet great people like you!  Since we've been told what we wear defines us, we decided to make a literal statement and start creating garments and accessories that tell a story - whether that be as someone's mom, a supporter of your favorite sports team, a statement about who you are or what you believe in - nothing is off limits!

We invite you to get to know us - stop in, view our expanded product line that now includes not only rhinestones, but glitter and vinyl creations!  We'd love to hear your ideas for your next statement piece - and if YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN BLING IT!